Everything Wrong With The Simpsons Movie In 15 Minutes Or Less


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    The Simpsons Movie was long overdue when it came out, but generally delivered the laughs for most fans, and enough box office for Fox to eventually be sold to Disney. Oh, and it had sins, man. Lots of sins.
    Thursday: animated non-Disney sins.
    Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?!
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    Published on 6 days ago


    1. Chris P

      3:26 that’s a win

    2. Joseph Womer

      So The Simpsons have been on for 18 years before this movie's release and there's a theatrical movie about them in 2007, Futurama's been on for nearly that long and didn't get one?

    3. Christopher Rios

      this video is 16:33 minuites long

    4. Lori B.

      Literally money buys any damn thing proof? Look at Matt Groening and his ex wife and current wife! Jesus!

    5. Jay Louden

      The polygamy joke I thought was a reference to the Tim Burton movie Big Fish when the protagonist meets these twin Asian women from a variety show

    6. Derek Harper

      I'll pay someone all the money in my bank account to make a hook up app named booble maps thats just snap chat maps style with people dtf

    7. Jessica Emery

      *Spider Pig, Spider Pig, does whatever a Spider Pig does*

    8. Ironhide 60

      The Simpsons is meant to be controversial and have “edgy” jokes, that’s what made it a good movie for me LMAO. You can’t get away with movies like that now which is honestly quite sad.

    9. Michael Byrne

      Technically Maggie's first word is dada (or daddy, I can't quite remember) but noone hears it

    10. Tornado Taylor

      They made magies first word sequel. That is false she has talked in an episode before when everyone was arguing in therapy. And i think she said, "Magie no talk again."

    11. White Alliance

      3:22 me too

    12. aguyfromatown

      3:25 I feel like you shouldn't watch a Simpsons movie if you can't laugh about gay jokes & the likes. If that kind of harmless humour offends you, it's your problem, not the movie's.

    13. Bullet Adams

      BOOBLE MAPS *WHEEZEE* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    14. James Priest

      Maybe there just jokes kinda like say about ur shows.

    15. DIO 5393

      This is my favourite way to watch movies

    16. TheModer8ter

      Jesus of Nazareth, who was God in the flesh of a man, died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to apply to you and trust Jesus to save you from hell then you have everlasting life in heaven. As Jesus says in John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

    17. bram duit

      Soooo many sins he made himself, cant wait to see th3birdmans video

    18. Mad Elf x

      "Is this a polygamy joke or a conjoined twins joke?" No mention of the 'domestic violence against men' joke, because *it's completely invisible*. Not sure if extremely clever social commentary, or Cinema Sins being part of the problem.

    19. Bobby Games


    20. Elliot W

      That quick jab at haters of this channel was wonderful and long needed. Thank you.

    21. Ketchup Erection

      14 seconds of intros ~ ding

    22. Mikhaw Loggins

      turn down the volume of your dings. please. also; love the channel, never stop please

    23. Soren Olsen

      I think the greasy sandwich joke was about how it was illegal in the us to contain any more grease, not a "greaser" joke. I might be wrong tho.

    24. Kazuhira Miller

      Jeremy. You're one to try and talk about LGBTQ "issues". You're the one who "objectifies" women.

      1. butti fdft

        Did he seriously sin green day?

    25. HNTR L

      "That's boobist" 😂😂😂

      1. butti fdft

        Flander’s hot chocolate is the most tasty thing ever shown in a movie

    26. HNTR L

      Biggest sin: the Simpsons is still going... ... by DISNEY

      1. Simon Wyzik

        Is your photo thanos zoidburg?

    27. moose9c1

      I haven't watched the whole thing yet - but when homer fills the truck with gasoline, you hear him start it up after, it clearly sounds like a compression ignition diesel engine. I sure hope somebody got fired for that blunder.

    28. TaeWRLD 2k

      I want another Simpsons movie

    29. Guy Smith

      10:04- Siamese twins. Definitely both, definitely gross and outdated. They’re Thai twins.

    30. Logan Campbell

      A sin was missed. When Homer says "Hey, at least my map didn't get torn" after crashing down the hill, the car starts floating when it shows the real picture of Alaska.

    31. Krato

      CinemaSins needs to seriously grow a pair

    32. Krato

      The simpsons movie wouldn’t have half the gags it has if made today because people are too sensitive

    33. cromusic ibra

      Posting this before watching the vid: These were some sins I noted in the gas station scene alone. Wonder if he'll mention them? > How did that Wanted poster get there in the first place? How could the Wanted posters get anywhere outside Springfield when it's been entirely blocked off? *ding* > Who the hell keeps a whole hot dog, with the bun and condiments, in their pocket? *ding* > And shouldn't the condiments be all smeared if it was in his pocket? *ding* > Has this clerk not looked at the poster even once today? Shouldn't he be keeping an eye out for the Wanted family? *ding* > Convenient fake-family somehow looking exactly like how Bart drew them showing up at this exact moment is convenient *ding* Edit: He didn't. But he DID point out the flaws in my final point. The cops would know how the real family looks.

    34. deadeyesonly

      Another mistake in the beginning is that marge and maggie moves a seat in the theater. They sat between homer and lisa but seconds later an empty seat apperes between marge and lisa

    35. Anto Caricati

      13:42 they gassed them because they didn’t want them to see how they got in

    36. _Suburban_

      I had forgotten how mediocre this movie is.

    37. Heroheenie

      'Sequel' actually wasn't her first word. Her first word was in one of the old episodes. 'Sequel' was her second word.

    38. Eljamin Latour

      This movie is so underrated, I laugh at its jokes, even Dad agrees.

    39. cnmmd qiuoo

      Flander’s hot chocolate is the most tasty thing ever shown in a movie

    40. Climbminer

      Did he seriously sin green day?

    41. Littlenightmaresfan 6

      Bart maybe opened the door

      1. cnmmd qiuoo

        This guy is the reason democrats lose elections

    42. Mitch McMahon

      Maggie's first word was "daddy". Granted no one was around to hear it.

    43. Littlenightmaresfan 6

      This is 16 minutes

    44. christopher ellis

      maggie simpson has talk way before this movie.

    45. Lil Ty

      Everything happens with the most pristine comedic timing

    46. Marsh Cakes

      Please I’m begging you do everything wrong with unaccompanied minors. I would die if you did it and I would be die happily too. 😭😭😭😭😆😆😆😆🥳🥳🥳🥳🤩

    47. Dustin Wind

      This channel used to make good points about films. Now over 60%+ are stupid crap.

    48. Jason Paul

      I meeeeeaaaaaannnn technically....her first word was "daddy" back when the simpsons, ya know, knew how to write funny and emotional stories where you earned emotional payoffs....but I will give it to you that technically sequel was the first word the family heard

    49. lazarus30001

      The Simpsons, the same drivel trash on the big screen as we're tortured with on the small.

    50. The Red duke

      How dare you

    51. Robert Lott

      This is neither funny nor interesting, how has Cinema Sins gotten this boring?

    52. Ness lopez

      I freaking hate this movie

    53. Ugandan Knuckles #7567

      Extra Sin when we see the movie crowd when Lisa said "We can't see the screen" we see Kirk Van Houten and Otto next to each other and when it zooms in on Homer the Freezer Geezer moves in between them also Edna Krabappel moves from the 4th row to the 2nd

      1. bankholdup5

        A wizard did it

    54. Captain_Mike759

      And you get 200000 sins for sinning Green Day!

    55. Trenton Woodward

      I've been waiting for this for so long

    56. DrakeDracoDragon89

      Something I've come to realize lately is you should discourage lazy writing but not take silly things like this show too seriously.

    57. toughbutfair86

      This guy is the reason democrats lose elections

    58. senni bgon

      "he was able to use his power windows without the car running" my car does that...

    59. Sullivan Landy

      its depressing how many jokes hes missing

    60. evarno

      "he was able to use his power windows without the car running" my car does that...

      1. senni bgon

        “Pa” is a word.

    61. cityraildude


    62. Autism is Unstoppable

      Come somebody tell me why "Thou shalt turn off thy cell phone", is the most dated joke in the movie?

      1. JK

        I’m guessing because old cell phones didn’t all have silent so you literally had to turn them off. Plus no one calls them “cell phone” anymore unless they’re elderly or just picked it up somewhere, because they aren’t really just cell phones anymore they’re device or smart phone etc.

    63. LiterallyPuni

      Kind've sad that all CinemaSins is now is calling old movies racist/sexist/ablist, etc.

    64. Tom K

      Maggie’s first word was “DADDY” and I think you know it! 15:10 It’s the first word the family hears tho

    65. M꙰OIST SOUP

      Me reading the title: *utter confusion* Me responding to the title: nothing

    66. Koti and Tiko

      Russian Roulette: 6:51

    67. D J

      You need to do videos for all of the Mighty Ducks movies (or at least the first two).

    68. LongLiveHarryPotter7

      I’ve never understood why Homer was so hopeful of Flanders being gay, of all things.

    69. Carmac Attack

      11:46 Alternatively, he could have also made all five of them say "Blow Up Springfield".

      1. Ugandan Knuckles #7567

        YES!!! my exact thoughts!

    70. Rhubartu the Saiyan

      She got the camera from the animals that recorded the fucking... how did you not realize that when you even made the joke about the animals recording it?...

    71. Rhubartu the Saiyan

      One day we're all going to find out that all of the spicy Albanian cola drinks actually exist....

    72. Sensei Senseix

      👎👎👎that ding ding merchandise and "LGBT people should never be joked with" deserve millions of dislikes

    73. groundbreaker91

      I'm pretty sure the movie pokes fun at itself when the dome breaks by having somebody point out that nobody got hurt, and then immediately showing Dr. Nick getting crushed under a giant shard of glass.

    74. Shots Happen

      "intentionally ignorant about LGBTQ issues" Really? wow thanks for ruining CS..

    75. Frank The Tank

      My car you can still press down on the power window button even tho the car is turned off, I think you have like a few minutes to do it tho, I didn’t think that car had power windows tho

    76. vliduu zeeb

      “Pa” is a word.

    77. LycanEnferno

      I just realized how topical this movie is for this pandemic

    78. Carolyn Santos

      I hate you, I find it a personal insult your shitting on this movie for being a good movie!

    79. Robin7G9

      The church/bar gag was hilariously realistic.

      1. Robin7G9

        vliduu zeeb No, I meant that in times of crisis, some non-religious people cling to religion when faced with danger/death, begging for forgiveness, and conversely, seriously religious people, when they doubt their faith, tend to go down in flames.

      2. vliduu zeeb

        This video is obviously a joke, because there isn’t anything wrong with it.

    80. Radle G

      "intentionally ignorant about LGBTQ issues" that's such a 2020 thing to say. sensibilities were different, what is and is not acceptable change with 13 years. I doubt it was intentional.

    81. Freak Plays

      Nothings wrong with it

    82. Arexion5293

      That's not Maggie's first word, that's her second.

    83. Comrade Harpy

      Yeah cinema wins kind a spoiled this channel for me. It’s not as good anymore

    84. Luke Bradford

      That first sin isn't a cliche, this movie is the only thing I know of that's ever done it.

    85. Kal-n


    86. exiledPostman

      Half the sins found here could be explained with this: usfilm.info/fire/rKh8i6Sjpbp009A/video.html

    87. Johnny Hijenks

      6:07 Never expected to get a sin for playing the dobro. Another sin ding just got added to my daily schedule.

    88. Christopher Hoyt

      @15:11 ~ Actually, Maggie's first word was Daddy (voiced by Elizabeth Taylor) in Season 4, Episode 10 (ironically titled "Lisa's First Word"). But nobody heard it because Homer had just put her to bed and left the room.

      1. Ugandan Knuckles #7567

        You get a Veterans Discount

    89. Aldo Hernández

      Pig crap, Maggie’s first word was “Daddy” from the Lisa’s first word episode.

    90. Shoe Star ツ

      Nothing’s wrong

    91. LJ L

      -all sins because it's a Simpson's movie

    92. Chris Hoon

      Should have ask: Why don't they just dig a tunnel under the dome?

    93. Sam Chamberlain

      This video is obviously a joke, because there isn’t anything wrong with it.

      1. Syn Cloud

        No movie is without sin

    94. Colin Hazel

      I'm gonna miss that Irish version of me. I rly will.

    95. what we do in the shadows

      how is continuity fan service? you really think springfield would remove a broken ambulance? and that wasn't maggie's first word.

    96. Play list nerd 6100

      Camp fred fred 3

    97. yuitr loing

      I reckon Marge has super-intense-selective-hearing/sight. How else has she been married to Homer for so long without killing him?!

    98. Daniel Tinker

      Maggie has had like at least 3 first words

    99. ThatOcelot

      Yes! Finally! Also, I'm sinning the video for not showing Dr. Nick's death but saying that the glass shards would have killed someone. Also also, I am sinning this for not showing the best joke in the movie where the guy is stuck between deciding whether he wants to be in or out of the dome but ultimately gets crushed by the dome.

      1. yuitr loing

        I've been a noom fo- Skiiiiiiiip

    100. Robert Destree

      And this marked the last time I watched The Simpsons. I, too, am surprised they're still making new episodes.